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PS2 Games
« on: January 26, 2008, 05:17:03 AM »
Post PS2 games that you like, hate, or really want to try.

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Re: PS2 Games
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2008, 08:22:30 AM »
I'm just going to post my whole list.  I like most of the games I have.  A few are utter shit and I feel the need to warn anyone from buying them.

Crimson Sea 1-2
Okay, I only have the second one.  I've never played the first but I pray it's better than the sequel. 

It's a third person fighter.  You play as some guy with a futuristic sword and a gun and you have to fight off these aliens that are invading for some reason.

I bought it because it was cheap and it was made by Koei (The guys who made Dynasty Warriors), so I figured it would be good.  It's basically Dynasty Warriors, but you also have a gun.  The concept is awesome.  In practice, not so much.  It's repetitive and clumsy.  It's not complete shit, but I'd pass.

I know it's PS, but it's still awesome.  Still one of the best driving games ever.  Thanks to the PS2 being actually backwards compatible I can still play it.

I don't even remember the story from the actual game anymore.  You're a hired driver and you drive these criminals to their destinations without getting caught by the cops or having your car destroyed.

The game is pretty good, but gets pretty hard near the end.  The best part is the mini games.  I love playing as a cop and chasing down another car.  The best is Survivor.  You start off with 10 cops already coming at you and only more are coming.  You don't win at Survivor, you just take a little bit longer to lose each time.

Dynasty Warriors 1-5
This is just a great series.  Of the ones I've played, each one is better than the one before it.

It's a third person fighter set in ancient China.  You play a hero of one of the three kingdoms fighting to be ruler of China.

I think 1 is just a normal one on one fighting game.  I've never played it.  2-5 are the interesting ones.  I you want to skip to the really good stuff play 4 or 5 but 2 and 3 are good too if you want to work your way up to it.  Each one has a better story, more characters and better game play than the previous.

FlatOut 1-2
Another amazing driving game.  I haven't played the second, but I've heard it's also really good.

It's an off road type racing game.  You build up boost by hitting other cars and obstacles.

The racing itself is pretty cool.  If you get bored with that there the mini games where you have to run your car into things or off of ramps which launches your driver.  You compete in a long jump, high jump, darts, etc..  Just a lot of fun all around.

GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas
Controversy aside, this is just an amazing franchise.  I've only played Vice city a bit, but I've played other two all the way through.  just amazing.

It's a third person driver/shooter/fighter.  You're given various missions by various people.  You gain money, weapons and cars as you advance.  In Vice City you can buy properties and fly helicopters.  In San Andreas you can build up your stats , swim, and fly planes.  When you're not playing the actual missions there are endless side missions.  When you're not doing that you can explore the endless world sandbox style.  These games are just a wealth of game play.

San Andreas really clicked for me.  I beat the game a long time ago.  I still go back and play little side missions or take my harrier jet out for a spin.  Of course after firing a barrage of missiles into a military base a squadron of jets is barring down on me within minutes.  I'll take a few missile hits, but I can usually survive until I'm over the casino district where I bail out.  Then I parachute onto the roof of one of the casinos where I happen to know a rocket launcher is stashed.  I use that to take out the police cars that already have the building surrounded.  After the coast in moderately clear I jump down a few landings until I reach ground level.  I instantly start looking for a car.  Speed isn't an issue here.  I just need something maneuverable and sturdy.  An SUV will do nicely.  I dodge the cops on my way to the bike school where there is a 50/50 chance that an FCR-900 (fastest bike in the game) will be waiting for me.  That's not what I need though.  I'm looking for the dirt bike.  It's much better for off roading and where we're going we don't need roads.  I take the bike and make a bee line out of the city and across the desert towards the air base.  Here I could pick up another jet, but I'll likely get shot down again.  Instead I equip a pair of Tac 9s and grab the jet pack.  From there I can fly low enough to not get shot down by jets, but I'm high enough off the ground that the cops have a hard time getting a good shot at me.  If I can make it into the military base with out taking too many hits I can get into a tank.  Now that's where the fun begins.

Think GTA but wild west.  Under hyped, a little short, but really good.

It's another third person fighter/shooter/horse riding.  You play a hunter/trapper who's father is killed by some bad guys.  You must complete a series of missions find out who's behind it and take revenge.

There's a pretty good story progression and the side missions are really fun too.  Some of the weapons near the end get a little absurd, but I'm over it.  My only complaint is that it's really really short, and sandbox mode isn't really that much fun once you finish the story.  Might want to just borrow or rent it.

Katamari Damacy, We ♥ Katamari
One of the strangest yet entrancing games ever.

You play as the Prince.  The King of the cosmos destroyed all the stars in the sky, so you have to roll things up to recreate the stars.  Yes, it's a game about rolling things up.

The first one is a little short.  I'd just borrow or rent it.  We ♥ Katamari is the crowning jewel.  Anyone who plays this game has to fall in love with it.  The game play is perfect.  The soundtrack is stunning.  Just don't pay too much attention to the story.  If you play it all the way though, you eventually get to roll up the moon.  By the end of it you're rolling up mountains and islands.  I produces an indescribable feeling of success.

Mega Man: Anniversary Collection
Just Mega Man 1-8

You should know what Mega Man is.  If you don't you're not my friend.

The only problem I have is that if you're saving your progress, it seems to lock out the other games until you beat the previous one.  I'm not sure.  The interface is a little screwy.  Other than that it's as good as the originals.

Metal Gear Solid 1-3
Either you love it or hate it.  ...or are ambivalent I guess.  I like it a lot.

It's a third person sneaking/fighting game.  You play as Snake (or Raiden in most of 2).  You're infiltrating a military base trying to stop the development of the Metal Gears, mobile nuclear missile launchers.  On your way you also run into a variety of enemies and allies with a complex set of allegiances.

The game play is good.  The story is good if a little complex sometimes.  Actually the biggest complaint I've heard is that a lot of the game is actually just movie.  Some people just want to play the game.  They don't care about the story.  If you buy the two disk version of 3 it comes with old school Metal Gear 1 and 2.

Just a video game version of the board game.

Jessie: How do you play?
Gimpy: Risk is a game of global domination. Roll your dice and move your armies. Whoever gets the highest dice roll wins. The loser loses an army.
Rocko: Whoever gets the second dice roll wins and the loser loses and army.
Nitz: Draw a matched set of three Risk cards for additional armies.

Why play the video game rather than the real game?  Try getting 5 other people together that want to play risk.  Ugh!  At least now I can play against the computer or against other people online.

Shadow of the Colossus
Great game!

The whole game is just boss levels. By boss levels I don't mean levels where you fight bosses. I mean the bosses are the levels. You shoot, stab, leap upon, cling to, and climb these gigantic colossi ultimately bringing them down when you hit the sweet spot. Just awesome.

I was a little worried that the learning curve wasn't very steep.  After you beat the first one, the next few are basically the same concept.  Don't worry, they get hard again.  Some of them have some really complex solutions.  It was really fun figuring them out.  It's sort of a prequel to Ico, which I've never played, but is now on my list.

The Simpsons: Hit and Run
Okay game.  Above average.

It's basically Crazy Taxi with Simpsons characters.  Pick up riders, drive them to their destination.

The graphics are so so, the game play is so so.  It somehow comes out as fairly playable though.  One cool easter egg.  I loaded it up on Halloween and there was a special Halloween car.  I assume there are more of those.

Star Wars Battlefront I-II
I never played the first one.  The second one is really cool.

It's a third person shooter.  And a space combat.  You play as a Storm Trooper in the Imperial Army.  The story sort of serves as a gap filler between Episode III and IV.

The game itself is good, but the multiplayer is really where it's at.  The modifiable features make the possibilities almost endless.  Tons of levels, tons of games modes.  My brother and I play against each other a lot.  It's a great game for online play too.

TimeSplitters, TimeSplitters 2, TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Best FPS ever.  Well, at least the most under rated.

Just a first person shooter, only more fun.  The first one is good, the second is better, the third is amazing.

Maybe the graphics aren't hyper realistic or anything.  In fact it almost has a cartoony feel.  Kind of like Warcraft versus C and C.  It proves realism doesn't necessarily equal better.  As fun as the first two are I'd just jump into the third one.  It's the only one with a story anyway.  Plus it'll get you hooked in time for TS4.  I'd buy a next gen platform for TS4.  Another fun multiplayer game.  Four people at once or a shit ton at once on line.  My roommate and I used to open a game and just destroy anyone that joined.  Good times.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1-4, Tony Hawk's Underground 1-2, Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, Tony Hawk's Project 8
Probably appeals to mostly a specialized audience.  Of course my friends and I don't really fit the category and we all like it.

You, uh, skate.  Do tricks, get points, build skills, unlock levels.  Good times.

Don't play 1, or Underground 2.  2-4 are good.  Each better than the last.  Underground and Wasteland kind of mix in more story elements.  I've never played Project 8 but I assume it's just another step forward.

Worms Forts: Under Siege
Do not buy this game.

Worms, but in 3d.  Collect weapons, kill each other. 

Have you played worms before?  This isn't the same.  This is shit.  You'd think a 3d version would be cool.  It's not.  It's confusing, and impossible to play.  Shit.

Wish list

God of War 1-2
Prince of Persia 1-2
Any more suggestions?