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It is an early access game on Steam and my god is it fun. It is a bit like Minecraft in that you mine items to create other items, but it is a 2D side scroller where you can attack animals and dig holes. You don't need to build a home because you actually live on a space ship that floats in space above the planet. Your mission is to create fuel so that you can then travel to other planets so that you can harvest stuff from there too. And each planet has different physics, one has low gravity, another has high gravity. It is great.

And you can buy it through the HumbleBundle store too.

It looks kind of Terrera. I was too lazy to read the directions of that game, but I think I had fun.

Do you mean Terraria?

That one.

It is good enough that I am looking at building a Windows box that is powerful enough to play all the games I've bought on Steam through the HumbleBundle. Over 100 games and the Mac can only play about 90% of them, and of those, it can only play about 70% of them well.


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