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At one point in Goldeneye's development there was going to be a feature where you unplugged and replugged a rumble pack to reload.


Poopyhead pianoman ♫:
Very interesting article. I never had a Nintendo 64, or played Goldeneye, but the folks at Good Game have raved about it enough that I understand its honoured place in game history.

Yeah, that whole article is really interesting. I know it sort of ushered in the next generation of FPSs, but I didn't realize quite how from scratch they were starting.

I never had my own N64 but I spent many hours at friends' houses playing that game. That and Perfect Dark.

Same here. I hit every other generation, and only just before the next generation came out. There was a 2-3 year period where I had  PS2 before PS3 came out. I remember how awesome it was to see games on Penny Arcade and being able to play them. It was pretty awesome. I get that whole culture now.


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