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FTL is a little casual space survival game. I heard about it a while ago through some indie game enthusiasts, but never got around to it. Then it popped up on Steam for $8 and I figured I might as well.

It's really good. It's hard. You won't beat it anytime soon, but who cares? It's a blast.

You start with a ship, and a crew, and some equipment. As you fight and trade your way from jump point to jump point, you pick up more equipment, more upgrades, and more crew. You'll probably lose a few here and there too.

There's a lot of strategy of balancing your power supply, crew assignments, equipment profiles, etc... It's never boring though. It's sort of a turn based strategy game, but it's also fast paced.

Seriously. It's cheap and great.

This won a ton of indie game of the year awards. Steam has it for $5 right now.

Poopyhead pianoman ♫: also sells this, for $10 normally. I always wait until a game I desire goes on special. They have a special every week, so it doesn't take long.

I've read much good about it, but I passed it over because it didn't sound like my type of game.

I went a little overboard on my last purchase. More of a spree. They had an indie game promo (FTL was included) where you could purchase any five indie games for just $10. I bought ten games, yet to play any.

I'll make sure to pick up FTL at some point. I don't know when I'll play!

Jeph Jacques makes FTL videos. Just videos of him playing. I've finally beat the game a handful of times and I've unlocked a few ships, but I still learned a ton.

I don't know whether to urge people to watch to entice them to play (it's so great), or to tell them to avoid it so they can discover stuff on their own. It might be better to watch after playing 5-10 times. Unless you aren't planning on playing, then watch it so you do want to play.

Poopyhead pianoman ♫:
I want to play, so will avoid.


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