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Minecraft / Re: Minecraft
« Last post by gumstitch on April 15, 2014, 14:16:57 PM »
You gotta come back, it's kinda lonely, wandering the deserted roads and seeing the deserted buildings and farms left to ruin...
It's kinda like a post-apocalyptic land, long after everyone has died and nature has reclaimed most of it.

Well no more!
My castle is going swimmingly, and it will soon make the jump to citadel. Very exciting!
Video Games / Re: FTL (PC)
« Last post by Poopyhead pianoman ♫ on April 15, 2014, 12:53:17 PM »
An awesomely powerful build. (What you can't see is that I also pawned off my titanium system casing to buy a weapon pre-igniter.) The final boss couldn't touch me.

A build that let me set things on fire.

Thinking about it, the developers seem to have created a counter for everything. Anti-drones, hacking, mind control, defense scrambler, emergency respirators, fire suppression… and probably a few others I'm forgetting. I'm loving it.
Video Games / Re: FTL (PC)
« Last post by Poopyhead pianoman ♫ on April 13, 2014, 11:53:51 AM »
I got it wrong. The Lanius cruiser is unlocked just by unlocking any four ships other than the Kestrel. That still makes the Crystal cruiser the hardest to unlock, and because I reset my profile it might take me a while to get it back.

I managed to unlock the Lanius B last night. You know how you say the Crystal B totally pwns? I think the Lanius B *might* just take the title of King Shit. Even though my first run with it resulted in victory, that might be because my run was, in Jeph Jacques' words, "hilariously broken". It gave me all of my end-game weaponry by the end of sector 1, and by sector 2 I had all but one of my crew, including 2 Zoltan. I took a screenshot if you're interested, but I understand if you don't want to spoil any surprises.

In all this time, I have still never managed to unlock and play the Mantis B or the Crystal B! Frustratingly, this time around I'm having a lot of trouble trying to get the Stealth B unlocked. I'm really good with the Stealth A, but any time I don't die is a time I can't get around an environmental hazard.

My worst ship is easily the Mantis cruiser. I suck so much with it. I don't think it's ever made it to sector 5.
Internet / Re: Heartbleed
« Last post by greensteam on April 13, 2014, 08:55:50 AM »
Read about today.

They can tell you which sites have updated their certificates, and when they do you should change your password for that site.

Messed up master password and/or forgot to write it down so I had to reset my account to reset master password, but things are working now.

Lastpass can generate strong passwords for you to use, then you have lastpass remember the complicated passwords for you, you can have it auto login, and so on.
Minecraft / Re: Minecraft
« Last post by Poopyhead pianoman ♫ on April 13, 2014, 02:46:51 AM »
Yay, welcome back!

My hiatus… has been a year now? However, now that my fiancee has recently finished up her casual work, we are both unemployed and I figure it's a good time to spend up big and build a computer that can run Minecraft.

For the time being, I've been playing FTL.
Minecraft / Re: Minecraft
« Last post by gumstitch on April 12, 2014, 14:52:06 PM »
Hey, back again. Gonna be hitting up the server again after a brief hiatus. Lots of stuff going on at home getting in the way.

Anyway, yay!

Also, when will the server be updated?
And did we ever get that new map capture?
Internet / Heartbleed
« Last post by Poopyhead pianoman ♫ on April 12, 2014, 14:24:07 PM »
A recent security bug called Heartbleed has affected a lot of internet services. You may need to change your passwords.
Video Games / Re: FTL (PC)
« Last post by Poopyhead pianoman ♫ on April 11, 2014, 15:16:40 PM »
Engi B is one of the more luck-based ships. If it helps, I started winning a lot more when I took your advice and embraced what each ship was about. I.e. I build up the Cloaking system on the Stealth ship first, or I rely heavily on the Engi B's starting drones, rather than selling them.

An interesting bit of advice I read about the Engi B was that since you start with a very low evasion rate, it can be beneficial to move your Captain to the weapons room when a battle begins. You're probably going to get hit with enemy weapons fire anyway, but at least this way you'll have a slightly faster recharge rate.

A lot of the additions muddle the line between offensive and defensive. I had Zoltan and a clone bay, but I still haven't tried using them as boarders.
For some reason, I thought the clone bay couldn't revive lost boarding crew, but doesn't exclude that. That's probably why they made Zoltans explode when they die—to hurt even when boarding!

Even when all these new systems and weapons, I still pick the wrong winners and losers. More often than not, it's my underdogs (that I fully expect to implode in the final battle) that pull through. Yet I lost with the Zoltan B carrying a Glaive beam and a weapon pre-igniter. My 2x Ion Blasts kept missing.

Mind control and hacking are absolutely kick-arse. I also think that a Lanius boarding crew would also be awesome, since I know how hard it is to remove them when they board my own ship.

P.S. I managed to get a Vulcan working. It's amazing.
Video Games / Re: FTL (PC)
« Last post by Superman on April 11, 2014, 02:53:28 AM »
I take back everything I said about liking Engie B. I failed 4 runs before sector 5 in a row while trying to get the C.
Video Games / Re: FTL (PC)
« Last post by Poopyhead pianoman ♫ on April 10, 2014, 09:04:46 AM »
I'm still coming across new additions. Last night, I had a Glaive + Vulcan (the new laser equivalent of the Glaive) but I happened to jump into an asteroid field before I was able to make use of it...

It's funny to read what you do well in compared to me. I don't use boarding very often. My highest score ever (5217) was achieved using the Federation B. And I really like the Stealth B. It's quite fun unlocking these ships again. It's happening much faster than on my first time around.

The only C-type I've unlocked is the Engi. I haven't tried it yet, though. I've given the Lanius A a couple of tries but I have no idea how to pwn with it yet. Once again, the developers have balanced this game really well.

I agree about the charge guns. Those can be very useful. I haven't done well with chain weapons yet. Have you tried a flak cannon? Give one a go. ;)

As for augmentations, I'm still coming across new stuff.
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