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Second Server
« on: June 05, 2012, 09:24:36 AM »
The cousin really wanted to play the survival map, but then got bored with the idea after playing through it in creative mode. Then he wanted to make a YouTube video of us starting a new settlement, but got bored of doing, you know, the work part of the game. Now he wants to just build things in creative mode, which I'm sure he'll bore of soon enough and come up with some other thing he wants. Maybe... you don't actually like Minecraft. If I was like that when I was 13, I will build a time machine just to back in time and hit me.

Anyway, I think I can murder a flock of birds with one stone. When I move, I plan on getting the current server moved over to my name as my roommate has spend a grand total of four hours playing since setting it up. As part of that, I was thinking of setting up a second server. I know we don't have the numbers to justify that, but we can basically set it up to alleviate ADD. I was thinking we could leave the current server as is. 24/7 straight survival. Then we could set up a second as experimental area. We could set it to creative mode normally, but then load up survival maps or other weird stuff when we feel like it.

Personally, I don't have enough time to play the normal map as much as I'd like, so I probably won't spend my little time building anything in creative. Pianoman has also talked about sketching out buildings in creative though, and it might be cool to go over and see what people have built. I also think running through a survival map would be really fun. I'd also love to do mods eventually. Once mod support is a little more refined, we could try them out there and keep our main world pure vanilla.

It's only another $5 a month, so I don't really need much encouragement at all to set it up, but I guess let me know what you think anyway.

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Re: Second Server
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2012, 01:52:37 AM »
Perhaps it's less that your cousin has the attention span of a positron and more that he has infinitely more time to indulge his fancy, and hence gets through it much quicker than we can.  Well, partly.  If Minecraft was just a fancy for me, I'm sure I'd have given it up sooner than the more then 1½ years that I've been playing with it.

I'm down with a second server.  I haven't been on the existing server since I worked on the barracks at the little fort we started building.  Minecraft takes some dedicated time, of which I've had little lately.

Sketching designs in Creative mode is very cool.  I really feel like creative flair comes out more when you don't need to worry about getting hurt and finding material.  Ideas flourish as quickly as you can conjure them.  It's like the sandstone temple at light speed.

I can also deposit some money somewhere for you to run the server for half a year.
LOL @ Pam... if I had $20 for every time someone used that word with me... well....

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