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Post XBox games that you like, hate, or really want to try.

i do enjoy Halo 2

I've never played 2.  I have to admit I've spent plenty of time on Halo multiplayer though.  If you go to the PS2 thread, you'll see my strong stance on TimeSplitters as one of the best FPSs ever.  Halo just might be better.  My favorite is to play a deathmatch on the one really small level with the narrow walkways and the little launchers that fling you into the air.  For weapons, just the sword and the needler.  Nothing but fast paced intense action.  I love it.

Chevalier laughingnome:
I'm going to volunteer the Simpson's Hit and Run. That game was great. I still pull it out every now and then.

Hey.  I have that for my PS2.  Crazy!


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