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So Becco got a WiiFit and we just created a profile for me. During the Intial test it was determined that my BMI is in the ideal range however I have no balance and my WiiFit age is 39 years old. Not bad really for a 23 year old.

I'll keep everyone posted with how I go. I've set a goal of 5kgs lost in 3 months.

Is WiiFit any good? 

Princess lankdog:

--- Quote from: spider on August 04, 2008, 10:44:24 AM ---Is WiiFit any good? 

--- End quote ---

Is your face any good?

it looks pretty good. I watched Becco going nuts on it the other day and it seems to combine exercise and fun quite well

Durp ✡:
I'm disappointed in the lack of WiiFit videos that could have been in the first post to help show the other people what Wiifit truly is. :)

Wiifit Commercial

Quick article on Wiifit (I recommend reading it, talks about how it's recommended for Adults 20+)

NSFW Wiifit Video

I wouldn't buy it, too expensive for something I would not be amused with. :)


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