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I stumbled across this interesting graph.

It's pretty amazing how Nintendo has kept their prices so low.  Especially when you consider that inflation isn't taken into account.

i thought the PS3 would be one of the most expensive

Do NeoGeo and 3DO really count?

Yes they do.

But PS3 is one of the most expensive.  It's in the Top 3.  So you both win.

How come Fag-box and PS3 have two different prices?

I was originally a Nintendo homie.  From NES to SNES to N64...   they only lost me on Gamecube when I started an illicit affair with Playstation.  Sony treats me so bad, but I keep coming back... I feel like it's the best thing out there that I can deserve.

But the Wii...   that makes me think I should go back to the one that treated me right from the beginning and accepted me as the gamer I am,  not what sort of gamer I should be. 

All in good time, my sweet.

Oh.  Hi.  Yeah, nice graph, Superman.


--- Quote from: spider on March 14, 2008, 11:56:36 AM ---How come Fag-box and PS3 have two different prices?
--- End quote ---

The different sized hard drives I'm assuming.  So for the decent version of the hardware you'd have to look at the more expensive price.


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