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Super Mario Galaxy II (Wii)
« on: June 02, 2010, 02:33:53 AM »
Having greatly enjoyed the first edition, I picked-up this game this weekend and easily dug 20 hours or so into it.  I didn't read any reviews first, etc.. (as usually I do) - I just hoped for the best.

I am REALLY enjoying it.  This game is CUTE with a big freaking C... I mean, it's so cute that it's outrageous.  My kids love to watch me play it, my wife enjoys being the "co-star".... it's innocent and actually quite fun.

The level bosses so far are hard enough to be fun without being painful.  The clever puzzles and gravity/physics tricks are entertaining but not at all difficult to figure out.  Honestly - so far at least - it's a relatively EASY game but fun enough to keep you playing and entertained.

A significant amount of new functions are added to change things up from the first round... ideas like riding Yoshi (Yoshi can eat things including enemies), A cloud-floating and forming Mario, and a ton of "old Mario" ideas are re-incorporated into this new game in ways that Galaxy 1 didn't even consider.

We get re-visits from old bosses on familiar levels that initially annoyed me but I eventually enjoyed... and more.

The plot is of course, LAME... but the game itself?  If you can get past the childishness and enjoy the technical aspects, it really is a good one.  So far I'm particularly enjoying a couple of the "bonus worlds" which in the last game I found irritating... and either way too easy in some cases or a little too hard in others.

If you like Wii, if you liked Mario Galaxy 1... get it.  If you've never played Mario Galaxy 1, I would say that 2 is actually BETTER and you might want to get it as well.

This - to me at least - is kind of like the ultimate but innocent platformer... they really think out of the box a little compared to your typical platformer.


Oh and - Co-star mode is much more fun... you can do a lot more to significantly help the main player and be engaged in the gameplay.  My wife loves it.