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I have 100% Vice City... and then felt that it was pretty pointless playing... so I havent played it again... but it was a lot of fun doing it...

When I did San Andreas I didn't even think about 100%ing until after I had plowed though the story.  Then I just didn't care as much about doing it.  In Vice City I'm trying to get a lot done early on to make to story more fun.

I have 90/100 packages, around 25% of the story, and I just started on some of the business missions.

What else do I have to do?  Please don't tell me I have to do the ambulance, taxi, and vigilante missions.  I can get up to level 7 on vigilante and thats about it.  By then I have five or six stars and cant do anything.  I have been stocking up on FBI SUVs just in case I do have to do it.

I think you need to get to level 10 on those missions.  Vigilante mission is easiest with either the tank or army helicopter.

Okay.  I got my 90 packages and it said the tank is in the baracks, but I don't know where the baracks are.  Is the tank fast enough for the vigilante missions?  I was hoping the FBI SUV would be a nice trade off on speed and resiliance.  Apparently not quite.

The tank has speed issues but i think its just fast enough to do what is needed.


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