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I needed a lot of glowstone for my Redstone Academy, but I suck at the Nether. I bred some villagers and imprisoned them to force them to trade with me.

Apparently a zombie got in.

I thought there was a villager zombie they turned into. These are all baby zombies. Weird.

Poopyhead pianoman ♫:
I've been seeing baby zombies in Minecraft videos.

My computer will come soon... and then we will win Minecraft.

I despise the baby zombies. They're faster than normal zombies, they're harder to hit cause they're smaller and faster, and they drop almost nothing of use.
Thankfully, in the 1.7 update, their spawn rate has been reduced.

And they stick around after the sun comes up. I almost always have one little shit banging on my door every morning.

They may have fixed that too; i saw a baby zombie burn yesterday.
Fingers crossed!


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