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My cousin is really excited about his tree house. It sits just southwest of Spawn.

I'm trying to convince him to trade in all the stone for logs, but he's still at the early, I'm going to build with whatever is in my hand right now, mode.

Poopyhead pianoman ♫:
Holy crap, I really like that.  I love seeing others design and construct.

For all the superficial faults I find on the outside, it's actually a pretty cool design inside. It's pretty much a fully sustainable base (actually, it provides the materials for its own expansion), but it feels like a treehouse. There's some crosses between vertical and horizontal traveling, that intentional or not, are pretty cool.

So he decided to jump from server to server giving out our server address. He got two people to come play on our server. Guess how that turned out for his treehouse.

I'll be doing more frequent back ups and watching the log more closely.

Poopyhead pianoman ♫:
Yikes.  I just saw it about half an hour ago and thought it seemed a bit different to the picture previously posted.  It's a lesson in cynicism for your young cousin.


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