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Obviously this is long term as I seem to have lost some drive and PM lost a computer, and this idea is actually from even longer ago.

I think we should have a redstone warehouse/testing facility. Something far enough away from other builds to not be in the way, where we can try out new blocks, experiment with contraptions, and show off tricks we've seen or discovered. Maybe even a room of the simplest circuits and stuff, to help educate each other.

Poopyhead pianoman ♫:
Cool idea. But we're not the best circuit builders. Are you suggesting this because it's much easier if you can physically walk around a circuit to understand it? If so, I get it. Much easier.

Exactly. I have figured a couple little things here and there while messing around with redstone. I thought it would be cool to have a central place for experimentation, education, and demonstration.

I've done a lot of playing around with redstone and piston machines.
Tell me where, and i'll build prototypes.

Poopyhead pianoman ♫:
Hmmm.. well, Superman came up with this idea of having super-bases every 5km (i.e. every 5000 blocks).

Here's the last working map I could find:

If you find the 0,0 chunk (a big round, grey circle) then you'll find roads stretching off in each direction. At 5km from that point will be a super base. I suppose you could build the testing facility of one of those? Superman might have also left some space for you at 0,0 but you'd need to check with him first. That place is his baby.


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