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Poopyhead pianoman ♫:
Reading through the list of potions you can brew, I don't know why I never got into it! I gotta get back in the gaaaame.

Insta-heal, speed, night vision, etc.

They just felt really complicated to me.

However, I do like that they've made multiple paths to different outcomes.

- You can get XP by fighting, mining, smelting, breeding, fishing, or trading.
- You can regain health by farming, breeding, hunting, fishing, trading, or brewing.
- You can get most blocks by seeking them out, or trading other items you have a lot of.

I spend most of my time building and I pretty much secure areas when I build. Because of that, I never had any need for the buffs potions give. I can imagine all kinds of playing styles that would sync up with brewing really well though.

I think we'll definitely need someone with some knowledge of potions to take out that stupid dragon. From what I hear, the whithers are even worse.

Poopyhead pianoman ♫:
You would need Infinity on a bow to fight the dragon, that's for sure. I dunno about potions. You're right, maybe I felt overwhelmed that I ignored brewing. I think it was because we had all these ingredients that for so long weren't worth growing, e.g. watermelons, pumpkins, carrots. Then suddenly you can use them to make potions, and I had ignored them all this time that I knew nothing about them.

I personally feel bread is still the easiest way to maintain health, but dang, there are some awesome things you can make. Like golden or enchanted apples.


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