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Pictures of my castle/fort

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Poopyhead pianoman ♫:
What are the red blocks in the centres of your spires? And is that Casa de Lanky in the bottom picture of the previous post?

they are panes of stained glass. They add a certain something.

And yes, that is casa de lanky.

The 4 spires surrounding the main tower are complete! woo!

And, the groundwork has started on a small village outside the castle, which will hide away and grow in the forest, which will eventually be walled in by a massive long wall.

My projects always escalate so damn quickly...

Poopyhead pianoman ♫:
Haha, that's what happened with my temple in my mind before I even started. I just wanted a picturesque area in which to build something to enjoy the view, and then... mindsplosion.

I'll try joining the server again and not crashing it.

Poopyhead pianoman ♫:


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