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Pictures of my castle/fort

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Nice. Did you enjoy your stay in castle gumstitch?

Did you check out the forest beyond the bridge? The first little house?

Poopyhead pianoman ♫:
I didn't explore outside, but I ventured through a lot of Castle Gum. I gotta say, your design style is pretty damn nice. I like the bed settings, the open faced mid-section of the centre tower, the stained glass... well, I like it all. My FPS dropped suddenly at one point, and a few seconds later I heard a tonne of chickens and cows around me. I didn't realise just how many you had until I went outside!

I have a problem, though. I'm stuck in Creative mode, aka God mode, and I no longer seem to have access to change my own mode. I'll have to get Super to change me back to Survival mode when he's free. I also figured out how I crashed the server before. I was flying and it couldn't keep up, so it died.


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