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This is pretty much my dream game.

It's a sandbox game.  Basically it's like a giant room with access to infinite life-sized lego blocks.

Lanky and/or Kibble, will you please tell me how to set up a Lankyland server for this?

Captain Kibble:
Can we get a Java warning on this kind of stuff. Some of us did Java at Uni and haven't been the same since. ;)

Oops.  I forgot all about codism.


Wait, that looks like discrimination of fish.  Codeism?  Hmmm.

Captain Kibble:
Its not codeism its just every time I come across Java it make me want to cry. Saying that so does C# these days, which is unfortunate as that's my day job at the moment. I cry a lot. :)

I'd love to be able to tell you what to do about setting that up but I haven't a clue and the website doesn't exactly scream information at you.

I read it, but it doesn't mean anything to me.


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