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Holy shitballs, just read up on the changelog for 1.8 which is due soon.

It all sounds pretty awesome, but something that will relate directly to our server is minecarts being sped up and powered minecarts being faster. So we may not need to waste quite so much gold on powered rails. Plus iv'e always enjoyed watching powered minecarts pushing trains along. they'll be more effecient now.

Also mobs will run away from exploding creepers....interesting.

Better mob AI and pathfinding. Oh dear.

Anyways, have a read:

Poopyhead pianoman ♫:
That all sounds very good to me. Players' worlds get so big that a tonne of gold was required for powered rails. Perhaps they never quite envisaged just how much space people would use.

I like the of improved AI! Anything for a bit more of a challenge. Maybe it means that you can't even escape them by jumping off a cliff. Maybe they'll jump right in after you?

Zombies have already been made harder in update.....1.7 i think?
They're aggro distance was changed from 20-30 blocks to "If you can see them, they will aggro".
AND, when they see you any other zombies in the area will automatically aggro, AND if you see one and look away, when you look back there may be more.

Poopyhead pianoman ♫:
Good. I like the challenge. I've been playing on hardcore mode and, maaaaan, it's hard. It doesn't help that my computer makes the game lag even in single player. Creepers get the goods on me.


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